Anonimo Polluce article

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‘Well written article. Informative & extremely interesting. Excellent illustrations & photographs. Thanks. Made my day.’

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‘wow awesome article! It took me forever to read but well worth the time, that's for sure. I think this is a must read for anyone that's interested in Anonimo (whether you own one or not). thanks for posting it.’

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‘Outstanding work, a real story and background which makes a watch so much more interesting. Top stuff Jon!’

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‘Wow what a great article for sure...Love the history...Really glad you finally got this out....Definitely makes you proud/fortunate to own an Anonimo. Thanks’

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‘Truly great work guys, a dedicated site for an iconic watch’

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‘Will save that for reference along with your other site which we frequently visit’

Omega PloProf book

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‘Got it yesterday at last. The wife pretended she had bought it for me. After unwrapping I sat in the corner and read it all morning. Great read Jon.’

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‘Book arrived today at 4:00 P.M. Re-arranged dinner date to take-out Chinese, in order to read it cover to cover. It was worth it! What a fascinating book, and what a great piece of research. Thank you for a great read.

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‘Jon what a great effort mate. The only downside I can see is that when people see the book and its cracking pictures Ploprof prices will hit the stratosphere!’

Omega Lifetime Magazine Articles

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‘Nice article, there is a serious risk that I may well become a fan of the PloProf yet! lol’

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‘A great well written article about two of my favorite watches, Thank you’

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‘I saw the content listed on the web and it seems like they might as well rename it to "Jon Wallistime magazine".  Well done Jon!

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‘Another great read from Jon Wallis.’

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‘Love both sites. The DeskDivers page on the SM F300 really helped me when making a decision, Jon I owe you a pint mate.’

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‘You're the best! Thanks a lot!’

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‘I like your web site, used it when I was looking to buy a Tudor Submariner snowflake, good info’

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‘I put DeskDivers as my Home Page!’

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‘Great Stuff! We need more people like yourself : )

Thanks for the excellent write-up.’

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‘Brilliant, very interesting indeed....

Great work fellas.....’

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‘Thank you for an excellent article. As an owner of a bronze Polluce, this has been very informative and it makes me appreciate my Polluce even more.’

Marc from the USA said,

‘Just received this great book on the Omega Seamaster 600... It was well packed sent to me from within just one week!

I must say that I am impressed with the huge lot of information bundled in this almost 160 pages thick book! I especially liked the comparison section between the bezel/dial and hands variants that were made of the PloProf. All these were explained with lot's of nice pictures and informative and clear texts... I consider this book a must have for all PloProf lovers/owners’

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‘I really have enjoyed your Ploprof book. It has been an excellent reference. Your book has saved me from several purchasing mistakes for sure.’

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