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“What’s it like...?”, “How does it taste...?” As usual DeskDivers does its level best to answer the questions their readers always wanted to know about rare watches, but were too afraid to ask.

Naturally being PloProf.com, the subject of the lead article is the glorious Omega PloProf 600. The article covers the history of the watch, an overview of what it’s like to own, a run down of the options available when new as well as what is available today, coupled with full specifications for the watch and its movement.

By 2009 two things were obvious, DeskDivers.com was rapidly becoming overrun with the large volume of Omega PloProf information, and also (partly due to the DeskDivers article) the PloProf was no longer a secret known only to a few watch collectors. DeskDivers had done its job disseminating the PloProf information and the watch had become very popular indeed. In fact, so popular that Omega built and released the modern version of the watch and Jon had published the PloProf book.

PloProf Sapphire Crystal

One thing Omega didn’t fit to the original PloProf was a sapphire crystal. Whilst the purists will scream ‘Rightly so!’, it’s a fact of life that having a crystal made from sapphire is more practical for most people, especially on watches as large as the PloProf.

Recently, aftermarket sapphire crystals for the PloProf became available and this article discusses how the crystal is manufactured, and how to fit one to the PloProf. Since this article was written, Omega now offer their own replacement sapphire crystal for the PloProf.

PloProf Dial Variations

A number of sources erroneously suggest that the PloProf was available with only 2 dial variations. Perhaps not everyone is as fastidious as the DeskDivers team or maybe they are just have other things in their lives to occupy them... hmm... anyway...

DeskDivers sets the record straight on this fact with a short article showing the 3 different dial layouts.

For more detailed information on dial, case, hand and bezel variations see the PloProf book.

Beware the Fake PloProfs!

The DeskDivers site was the first to warn readers about the fake Tudor Submariner’s being sold online. Naturally, when fake PloProf’s were found, the exercise was repeated with enough information to help a buyer steer clear of these counterfeit watches and keep their money safe from scammers.

Its worth noting that the article doesn’t point out all the faker’s mistakes and as such doesn’t help them fix all those errors. For more detailed information on avoiding fake PloProfs see the PloProf book.

Fortuitously, it was around this time that DeskDivers was offered the domain name PloProf.com and the team swiftly built a new website dedicated solely to the Omega PloProf.

The new site houses all the PloProf 600 articles and information originally located on DeskDivers.com. The site also has headroom for further planned articles about the original PloProf and includes enough space to allow the team to also build a resource for the new Omega Seamaster 1200m PloProf.

The site includes the following articles:

PloProf Frequently Asked Questions

Like any good website that has a lot of information on its pages, PloProf.com also has a simple FAQ.

This page exists as a concise set of responses to the most commonly asked questions about the Omega PloProf and a is good place to start for those needing information in a hurry.

The PloProf Book

This article provides a sneak peak between the hallowed hardback covers of one of the most useful horological books to hit the shelves in recent years. Of course, we at DeskDivers may be a little biased on that point...

In all seriousness, if you want to take the knowledge already provided by the website to the next level and beyond, then it’s recommended that you acquire this book. This article explains what you get for your money and provides links to the publishers website for the cool animated preview and purchase link.

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