Like all copywriters, journos and wordsmiths, Jon & the DeskDivers team had a few

lighthearted moments stashed away in their coffers. Some of these are reproduced here for prosperity.

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Long John Lunacy - Newspaper clipping of Jon’s report on a story for the local newspaper in Sydney.

This story came about when a little dose of marital strife afflicted some of those close to home and proves that, as usual, it’s often best to sit back and watch events unfold (or perhaps unfurl?).

It would be nice to follow up the story with one that proclaimed that the wife in question (lets call her ‘Jane’ like it does in the reporting) was cured of wearing the evil ‘old man britches’, but it’s a sad fact that the flag pole episode seems to have endeared them all the more to her. Poor Mark.

Isofrane straps, Deskdivers and James Squire’s Beer - Rejected Copy for an advertisement for the Brewhouse.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to work with a great brewhouse to have a beer with your name on it?

“Isofrane Straps were produced using the unstable synthetic rubber compounds of the 1960’s, they are a dying breed, dissolving over time into a sticky mess. A victim of their own flexibility. The plasticisers that originally gave suppleness, slowly attacking the long chain polymers of the strap’s compound. Leading to weakness, a tacky aspect and eventual failure. In fact an effect very similar to Squire’s Amber Ale on the average DeskDiver.

Amber Ale - The Divers choice for DeskDrinkers, or something like that...(hic)”

The value of Jon Wallis, Tesco’s Style...

Ok, so the logo is an obvious Banksy rip and is meant as a bit of fun, but sadly having it made served only to highlight the perils of asking a friend who dabbles in graphic design to help with some images for a website...

Naturally, the image you see here was rejected for obvious reasons...

Divers nearly wiped out when running for dry land...

A little hint for anyone who visits Far North Queensland, if it’s too bad to head out on the ocean to go diving because of a storm, then it’s bound to be more gnarly inland. Stay home.

It would be nice to report that the DeskDivers team used this as an excuse to turn into full-on storm chasers, driving hard through the tornado, spending the time filming the wild weather...

Whilst that has elements of truth, e.g. there is film and we did drive on through the wind, rain, lightning etc... the reality is that we were naively enjoying the adventure, not realising just how serious the Australian weather can be, even worse than some of the scary creatures!