Hi, Welcome to the website about Jon Wallis.

There are two facets to Jon, on one hand he is a well known Business and IT Consultant working globally with businesses as a solution’er, strategist and mentor as founder of Clandestine Consulting where he is best known for his ability to quickly understand, articulate and improve business and IT interaction, to improve bottom line. His work is trusted on sensitive, time-poor and ‘eyes only’ projects as well as new business ventures.

The other side to Jon is as a writer. He is a founder member of the team who publishes the popular PloProf.com and DeskDivers horological websites, he is engaged to write for the Omega Lifetime magazine, and is Author of the popular ‘Omega PloProf’ book.

JonWallis.com is updated... Following on from Omega Lifetime Magazine Issue 6, Jon reworked the ‘How to take care of your watch’ article and it has now been published by Omega SA as a booklet to be provided as part of the sales package with every watch sold by an Omega Authorised Dealer. For more information on this booklet click this text.

Jon was also engaged to write 3 new articles for Omega Lifetime Magazine issue 8, these include: a historical article about the first ever dive watch, the Omega Marine from 1930; The new range of Planet Ocean watches; and a large guide to how the dive watch works. The Magazine is available from Omega Boutiques, the Omega online shop or as an iPad download from the AppleStore. For more information on these articles click this text.

Some have asked... ‘Why JonWallis.com?’ Well.... This website was created to collate and showcase the work of Horological, IT / Business Consultant and Author Jon Wallis. It also allows prospective clients to contact Jon directly.

Jon has 20+ years of IT experience in all roles on varied projects worldwide, from staff and product/project management to Methodolgy design, via contracts and tenders. These days he provides contract product and project advice especially around the Mobilty, web 2.0 space. For more information on Jon’s IT work click the this text. or click here to check out Jon’s Linked-In profile.

Over the past few years Jon has become one of the most well known horological authors due to his work with the DeskDivers team along with his best selling book about the Omega PloProf. The book receives rave reviews even from non-watch collecting readers, a number of whom cited that the books easy to read style made it a winner with them as they would have struggled with a more traditional offering.

The DeskDivers websites, DeskDivers.com and PloProf.com, remain hugely popular with new work being added regularly. The latest DeskDivers article details the Aquadive Model 50 which is a watch of two halves, being able to time a dive and also display the current depth.  The article has been very well received by readers, and review quotes will be added here soon.

Latest testimonial received: Josh emailed regarding the PloProf Book: ‘Your book has saved me from several purchasing mistakes for sure.’ ...Thanks Josh, good to know!

The Omega PloProf book 
is Now Available!http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/423994
If you want to read more of Jon’s work, please click on the links below. 

PloProf.com is the dedicated online Omega PloProf resource. The only place with more info about this watch is Jon’s Omega PloProf book.

The DeskDivers site is dedicated to those watches that have yet to be discovered elsewhere on the web.http://ploprof.com/PloProf_Book.htmlhttp://deskdivers.com/http://www.deskdivers.com/shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2