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Since 2008 Jon has been proud to be a freelance part of the team working for Omega SA on articles for Omega Lifetime Magazine, Copywriting and PR for new models. A small project was started in 2010 to produce a booklet based on the original Omega Lifetime article called ‘How to take care of your watch’, which provided advice to owners on how best to look after their Omega timepieces.

The booklet was produced in early 2011 and is provided as part of the sales material with every new Omega watch sold from Boutiques, and possibly from other Omega Authorised Distributors.

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The booklet was conceived to help guide the purchaser of a brand new Omega watch through the ownership experience of their new timepiece.

Starting out with generic information about looking after the new watch, including day to day subjects such as cleaning advice and storage. Covering simple tasks such as strap and bracelets adjustments and possible swaps, then passing through to more serious subjects such as rectification of the evidence of everyday wear, and finally onto servicing and potential rejuvenation through restoration.

The booklet also covers accidental damage and  what an owner should do in the event of any problems or issues.

The text has been crafted in an easy to understand and flowing manner, as not all buyers are watch experts. Therefore terminology is kept to a minimum to keep in line with the target market of the publication.

The illustrations, by famed artist Bruce Hutchinson, have been drawn in the manner of the older encyclopaedia style. They endear the booklet with a classy look and feel, whilst also retaining a quaint quality that is in keeping with a guide about this type of product, as opposed to the line drawings delivered with flat pack furniture or modern TVs.

The format of the booklet is approximately A5 sized, with soft-back covers. It is published on high quality paper and bound with a thick flat backed spine.

The cover has been produced with embossed lettering which, as always, helps to provide a very high quality feel to the publication, a level of which is naturally expected with offerings from Omega.

The book will be provided with every watch sold from Omega Boutique’s worldwide.

This means the guide is available in 7 languages; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, 2 flavours of Chinese and also Japanese.