Over the years the website has become known as one of the most authoritative dive watch references available on the internet.

The site specialises in those rare timepieces that are greatly sought after, but for which very little information exists. The team work hard to locate, then filter, the historical and technical details regarding all aspects of the watch in the spotlight.

Jon Wallis has a long history as a business and IT professional. He has created methodologies

and set business and technical strategy, built and run practices, products and new business areas for large clients in many industry sectors. Yet, somewhere amongst all that he also finds time to write books and articles, both online and print, about the things he enjoys – Cars, Motorcycles, Art and Watches.

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Jon started his IT career upon leaving university in the early 1990’s. Taking a role as a consultant at IBM UK running projects to improve time recording, culminating with him leading the creation of the STARS time reporting system, which rumour has it, has only recently been phased out in some companies.

He then moved onto testing airline reservation software for Galileo International where he developed the Testing Beyond 2000 methodology, which was the seen by many as the first modern approach to Collaborative Software Testing, its underlying concepts being present in the testing strategies that organisations use today.

In 2006 Jon formed a partnership with Andy Foster to form DeskDivers, which led to the creation of DeskDivers.com. The initial idea stemming from their shared passion for horology, modern journalism and photography.

In 2009 the team has launched the new website PloProf.com which is dedicated to the iconic 1970’s Omega divers’ timepiece, showcasing the original DeskDivers articles about the watch.

Many collectors cite the DeskDivers site and the publishing of Jon’s PloProf Book, as contributing factors to Omega’s decision to create the modern PloProf 1200m which was launched at the Baselworld exhibition in April 2009. Jon was engaged by Omega to write the launch article for the Omega Lifetime Magazine.

The DeskDivers team has been proven to provide a valuable service to manufacturers and resellers in the horological industry, with the team being engaged for both general consultancy and copywriting.

DeskDivers’ in depth horological product knowledge is backed up with years of hands on experience in their respective industries. Their skill-sets spanning IT & Business Decision Making, Engineering, Product & Project Management, Promotion/Sales, Training and best practice Web Design Concepts. The team combines these skills and experience with a thorough understanding of how these elements are best utilised in today’s Internet based world to add value and build business.

If you would like to put the team to use in your business please feel free to contact DeskDivers using the contact form.

Jon is also involved in the organisation of the Banksy No Show event, which will be the largest exhibition of the graffiti artist Banksy’s work in the Southern Hemisphere. The show will include very rare privately owned Banksy pieces from local collectors along with the best of the local art scene.

Jon lives in Sydney and works globally. If you would like to talk to Jon about using his skills to add value to your business, why not email him using the Contact Jon page.

Jon took his methodology to RoyalMail where he became Head of Testing, helping to build the vast changes that took the company from a £1m per day loss making business, to where it is today.

After a stint attaining his ISEB certification and running large projects, Jon sidestepped into Solutioning and Architecture, taking ownership of RoyalMail’s tracking systems. A intriguing task with 100million items, through 2000+ locations, carried by thousands of different vehicles in hundreds of thousands of containers, all tracked in 26 separate systems and managed by different business areas!

Jon created numerous innovative new solutions using supportable best-fit technologies to underpin his newly defined tracking strategies, modernising (using GPS/RFID etc.) and removing duplication/redundancy along the way.

Jon was also a key player in upgrading the Architecture team’s processes and documentation allowing quicker solution turnaround, leading to happier clients.

After years of consulting internally within Royal Mail, Jon became a consultant with CSC which allowed him to retain his brief with RoyalMail and also utilise his experience and expertise with other clients, setting up CSC’s RFID and Mobility Practices to work in the Postal, Automotive, Nuclear and Defence industries.

After moving to Australia Jon has worked primarily as a contract consultant plying his well rounded IT and Business skills. In recent years he has set up a Mobility Practice for the SMS Consultancy and a worked as Product and Strategy Director for Catch (a division of Reed Publishing), who build and run Web 2.0 directory service products globally. Changing their business models and involving Microsoft to build a suite of safe revenue product streams of new online products.

That research is consolidated and added to the team’s hands-on observations which is  then massaged into concise easily readable articles, with the signature blend of humour, award winning photos and honest reporting.

With recognition and increased exposure, many of the featured watches have also gained in value since the articles were published due to the new awareness creating an increase in demand.

Naturally that fact has both good and bad points, depending on where you stand as a buyer/seller/collector. Manufacturers have taken note of this phenomenon and have engaged the team to craft articles/PR for their websites and magazines.

Naturally, the team continue to produce well written, professionally illustrated features. The most recent of these covering the Anonimo Polluce and Aquadive Model 50.

With the Anomino Polluce telling the story in an easy to read manner was a vast undertaking due to the volume of information contained in what is essentially four stories in one. i.e. the story of the ship, the Anonimo company, the Sellita SW200 movement and also the watch in all its flavours.

The article has been praised for its seamless segues between the history and intrigue surrounding the Polluce shipwreck, its subsequent plunder, recovery and the commemorative Anonimo timepiece created in its honour.

Over the years Jon has also worked to help grow small businesses, one of which was the Event Management company TAO Productions. Jon worked closely with its founder, performing numerous roles over many years.

For the Aquadive Model 50 article it was back to the original Deskdivers ethos of publishing stories about the rare and relatively unknown watches, and yes, initially the problem the team encountered was that of uncovering any useful story at all!

Even though we are used to it, it always seems strange to be looking once again for the elusive needle under a haystack, yet that was how the original Deskdivers articles were written for watches like the Ploprof, even though the world seems to know it intimately today.

With the Aquadive TimeDepth out of production so long, and the company records lost in the 80s, the research meant a lot of old school style picking though magazines and talking to contacts, before a bout of web sleuthing to locate the final pieces of the jigsaw. The result of the time and effort was well worth it and the article has been very well received.

The article was also underpinned by a more technology based side article based on a full strip down of an Aquadive that was stripped and restored pictorially, with superb results.

Jon has continued his collaboration with Omega and Anders Peter Mejer Design who produce the Omega Lifetime Magazine.

In 2010 in the Sixth issue of Lifetime (called ‘The Mechanical Issue’) Jon wrote two articles including a launch article for the new Planet Ocean LiquidMetal and also a 6 page ‘pull-out’ section aimed squarely at all watch owners, titled ‘How to take care of your watch’.

In 2011 in the Eighth issue (The Water edition) of Omega Lifetime, Jon contributed 3 articles including:

  1. -a history of the Omega Marine, the first ever real dive watch.

  2. -

  3. -a rundown of the new Planet Ocean range.

  4. -

  5. -a large ‘How Your Dive Watch Works’ pullout.

In mid 2011, after a little rework and a reformat, Omega published the ‘How to take care of your watch’ article as an A5 sized soft-back booklet.

The booklet will be supplied with all new Omega watches to help owners get to grips with looking after their new timepiece.

It is available in seven languages from Omega Boutiques worldwide.

In early 2011 Jon set up Clandestine Consulting to supply business project/product management and pragmatic strategic IT consultancy to companies who are involved in projects that need a little help, and lets face it we could all do with an extra pair of eyes!

Clandestine Consulting employees undertake to use their vast business and IT experience to advise on sensitive projects and help tackle business issues, work is completed in a trustworthy manner with discretion is assured under NDA as required.

The company builds on Jon’s reputation for advising on all manner of business projects under official secrets acts worldwide.

In recent years, Jon has also been presenting to a number of groups to help aid understanding and build knowledge of the myriad of collectable Omega watches throughout the years. One popular presentation concentrated on the bold designs from the 1970s, and it and the specific presentation about the PloProf have been very well received, with feedback to the organisers very positive and more events are planned.

For more background and recommendations about Jon’s work, please check the pages at Linked-In as these are the most up to date.